TikTok Convinced Me to Set My Makeup With Powder and a Damp Cloth

A viral beauty hack on TikTok uses setting powder and a damp cloth to set your makeup. Our editor tested the makeup hack to see if it works. She did her makeup at 11 a.m. and checked the results at 6 p.m. later that day. When it comes to setting my makeup for a long […]

TikTok Has a Genius Hack to Covering Your Undereye Circles

A makeup hack to conceal dark circles is going viral on TikTok. To test the hack, all you need is a concealer and blush of your choice. Our editor tested the hack and is sharing her results. A few years ago, I was convinced I had my makeup routine down pat. I had my favorite […]

“Jello Skin” Is the Summer Beauty Trend Sweeping TikTok

“Jello skin” is the latest beauty trend sweeping TikTok. The skin-care trend is about plump, bouncy, healthy-looking skin. It was coined by creator and beauty enthusiast Ava Lee. A few years back, K-Beauty brought glass skin to us and everyone embarked on a quest to get their most luminous, translucent skin yet. Thought glowy skin […]

TikTok Has People Taping Their Faces to Prevent Wrinkles — but Does It Work?

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Kelly TikTok is a mixed bag. On one hand, you can learn so much from the many, many talented creators on the app. On the other, you have the risk of misinformation spreading rapidly. The beauty side of TikTok shows both of these truths very clearly. Nestled among the […]

I Tried the Y-Shaped Contouring Hack That’s All Over TikTok

In the summer, my bronzer is one of my most-used makeup products (though I use it year-round, too). It’s truly a transformative product — a few swipes can warm up your face, make it look like you spent an afternoon in the sun, and even lift and sculpt your cheekbones. TikTok is jam-packed with contouring […]

50 TikTok Fashion Influencers With Endless Outfit Ideas and Style Hacks

If your primary purpose of using TikTok is to devour fashion content all day, you’ll want to follow the 50 style influencers ahead for hacks, outfit ideas, and takes on the latest fashion trends. Of course, some of these users are also regular shoppers, posting hauls and reviewing best-rated clothing online pieces or must-have items […]