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Female Fitness Motivation GLUTES hip thrust tips

Female Fitness Motivation GLUTES hip thrust tips

GLUTES hip thrust tips/modifications if you’re struggling with sleepy bum syndrome
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#notarealsyndrome . This is wordy but worth the read if ya wanna get more out of your thrusts .

SIDE BAR: used 315 lbs in the intro clip initially as an example of too heavy. Did 8 reps easily. All glutes. Yes, I was excited .

Pelvic tilt – I’ve gone over this one before but try using a posterior tilt and see if you feel a stronger contraction. If neutral works better for you, that’s swell too but avoid an anterior tilt.

Ensure you’re going to full hip extension – push your hips allll the way up for max contraction. I showed bodyweight but this is most common when going a little too heavy.

Foot position – play around with your stance width, distance, and foot angle. Adding a BAND helps me a ton too.

Mind-muscle connection – establish that brain to butt connection. Adding a short pause at the top can also help.

⬆️ power and intention – Don’t use the minimum amount of force necessary to just move the weight, generate more power, as if you’re about to move a heavier weight (with control).

It’s great to vary your intensity and work in different rep ranges but using such heavy weight that you’re unable to lock out your reps and are getting a lot of quad and hammie help is probably not as productive for your goal of glute hypertrophy as lowering the weight a little to something still challenging where you can maintain better form .

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